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Flight Bookings

Travel Agencies in Coimbatore | Best Travel Agents in Coimbatore

Compare prices of airline flight tickets while planning to fly to your favourite destinations around the world. we assist you to book the cheapest or convenient flights of your choice.

Some tips to plan your airtravel :

Plan your travel in advance: Always plan your travel in advance. Best time to book air tickets is 2-3 months in advance. If the destination and dates are finalized you should not delay in booking your air tickets.

Find cheapest place to book your tickets to You always have an option to book your ticket to a place which is nearby to your destination. Try to choose a nearby airport while booking, may be nearby airport have less fare.

This trick might be very useful when you are booking an international flight. For example, for a Europe holiday instead of choosing a big city airport, ticket to a small city airport might be very cheap. Then you also might have to consider the ways to reach the big city from the small airport.

Choose a specific day and time for booking Here comes the best and most useful trick. Not everyone knows, air ticket prices come down on Mondays and Tuesdays and then rise again on rest of the weekdays. Try not to book your tickets on weekends unless urgently required. So plan your booking day in advance. Not only day, time also plays an important role in your booking. In most of the cases, and according to our study, air ticket prices come down at afternoon and again rise at morning and evening.

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